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On building 1, Valcourt is currently performing concrete demo on the balconies of the 1-1 drop. O&A observed Valcourt performing slab edge and partial depth repair demo on the South elevation of the balcony decks. The existing ceiling coatings have been removed on the 3rd and 4th floors of drop 1-1 as well. On the 1-2 drop, Valcourt is currently performing concrete demo on the top floor working down. I observed a worker removing delaminated concrete on the 8th floor balcony ceiling of this drop.

Valcourt has completed the mock-up painting at the fixed window outside of unit 112 and the townhome door trim outside of unit #2 on the East elevation unit door (I have included existing vs completed images of these mock-ups above).

On buildings 1 and 3, we observed the contractor currently removing the deck coatings on the 8th and 7th floor walkways. On the 8th floor, Valcourt was using a hand grinder and a chipping drill to remove the coatings at the floor to wall joints, inset walls, and underneath the handrails. We observed the contractor removing these coatings on the North end of the hallway working South. On the 7th floor, the contractor is currently removing the existing deck coatings with the bigger (push behind) floor grinder. We also observed Valcourt removing the coatings from the North end working South at this floor level.


Valcourt currently has workers on the 1-1 stack balconies removing the ceiling coatings at the 4th floor and workers performing concrete slab-edge demo at the 5th floor. On the 1-1/1-2 shear wall, Valcourt has begun removing areas of delaminated stucco. On the 1-2 balcony stack, Valcourt has workers performing the mock-ups at the unit 112 balcony. On the 1-3 stack balconies, Valcourt has begun removing the deck coatings with the larger grinder and is currently on the 4th floor working down. Attached are photos of the work in progress.


Valcourt is currently removing the existing coatings from the balcony decks on the 01 stack. They have completed the floor grinding on the 8th through 3rd floor balconies and are currently working on the 2nd floor. Valcourt is also applying wall coatings to the East elevation of the townhomes. Please find the attached photos of the current work in progress. If you need any additional information, please let me know.



Valcourt is has completed the installation of the paint on the west elevation of the town homes and currently has workers installing the paint primer at the east elevation. On the balcony drops, Valcourt is currently removing the balcony deck coatings and balcony floor coatings.




Valcourt has completed removing and replacing the sealants on the townhomes and has begun the painting process at the west elevation. Valcourt currently has installed the primer and paint coatings on the 1st and 2nd floor balcony walls. On the main building balcony drops, Valcourt has begun the removal of the deck and ceiling coatings at units 181 and 112.


Hello Owners,

Project Update for you:

Valcourt is finishing up the sealants on the townhomes. They will be pressure washing next, and starting to paint on Friday the 14th. They project to be finished with the painting by the following Friday 21st. (weather contingent)

They will also be setting up the staging and beginning work on buiding 1 stacks 1 & 2 Monday.  Remember: It will be dusty and noisy starting then.


If you need maintenance to pull your things in, let Debra know before days end on Friday so she can write up a work order.

NOTE: If Valcourt gets there on Monday and things still need to be brought in, maintenance will have to do it and the owner will automatically be charged the $75.00 flate rate.

We have approved Valcourt to work from 8am to dusk if need be. This will help to ensure they can complete the work on schedule.

If you want to have your hurricane hooks taken out by a contractor, you may do so before Valcourt gets to your unit. If you do, Valcourt will fill the hole that remains with sealant.

Thank you all for your cooperation,



Project Update:

Valcourt currently has workers removing and replacing sealants on the 2nd floor of Buildings and 4. Valcourt plans to finish removing and replacing the walkway sealants of Buildings 2 and 4 this week. Valcourt also has workers removing and replacing the sealants at the townhomes. Valcourt plans to begin preparing the Base-Crete mock-up locations this week. Attached are photos of the current work and a few drone photos.




Valcourt 5.jpg



And Away We Go!


Update from Joseph Coleman, Project Engineer


                          O’connell & Associates:


"Valcourt is currently on the 4th floor of buildings 2 & 4 removing and replacing sealants. On buildings 1 & 3, Valcourt has completed the sealant installation process on the walkways. Valcourt plans to start removing and replacing sealants at the town homes next week."

proj 1.jpg

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