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4th Floor Terrace Information

Fourth Floor Terrace Project
Town Hall with Chicago Roof Deck and Garden
Wednesday, November 20th, 2019
- FAQS -
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What has been occurring with the 4th floor terrace?
•    There has been a persistent water leak from the 4th floor terrace into the 3rd floor garage over the past several years.
•    The Association has worked with engineering firms to complete smaller, resealing fixes in hopes to resolve the issue.  Unfortunately, these have not solved the problem.
•    The Association’s engineering performed a structural analysis of different samples of the terrace floor.  They discovered issues with the protective membrane located below the surface compounded by structural issues with the permanent planters.   
•    More specifically, the permanent planters were built into the concrete, allowing for water penetration through a weak and strained membrane.   
•    The engineers believe the issues must be repaired to prevent further damage of the terrace floor and garage ceiling.
What is the solution?
•    With the help of third-party engineering firm, The Structural Shop, the Association took the membrane repair project out to bid.  Several exterior design engineering firms presented us with proposals.   
•    The Parc Chestnut then vetted and negotiated a contract with Chicago Roof Deck and Garden.   
•    The best course of action is to demolish the top 5” of the terrace floor and permanently remove the planters.  A new roof membrane will be installed.  A pedestal/paver system will rest above the membrane and form the new terrace floor.  The new roof membrane will last us 20 years and will have a 5 year workmanship against leaks guarantee and a 10 year limited manufacturer's warranty.  
How will this be done?
•    The Parc Chestnut is about to begin a 5 phase Terrace Project:
     o    Phase 1: The demolition of the top 5” of the terrace floor.
     o    Phase 2: The installation of a new roof membrane.
     o    Phase 3: The installation of the new pedestal/paver system.
     o    Phase 4: The installation of privacy fencing for 4th floor terrace owners.
     o    Phase 5: The installation of terrace furniture/planter boxes for the common area.
When will this be done?
•    The Association is currently under contract with Chicago Roof Deck and Garden for Phases 1 and 2.   Phase 1 is already underway and both phases are expected to take 3 months (weather permitting).
•    Phases 3-4 will be voted during an upcoming Board Meeting in the next few months once the contracts have been prepared and vetted by the Parc Chestnut’s attorney.  We are expecting these phases to take place in the spring.
•    Updates on Phase 5 will be announced in an upcoming newsletter.
Why are we doing this now and not in the summer?
•    Under the advisement of our third-party engineers as well as Chicago Roof Deck, doing this project now will prevent further damage to the terrace floor/garage roof.  Damage to the terrace floor/garage ceiling occurs more in the winter months due to the continuous freezing and thawing of the water that has gotten through the membrane.  
•    The demolition and roof installation can occur in the winter.
•    The Association was able to use the winter months to negotiate a better contract.
•    Completing this phase over the winter allows us to have a functional common area terrace deck for residents to use by Summer 2020.   
•    The Board also hopes a newly designed terrace will align with common terrace areas from competing buildings and protect and grow the building from an investment perspective.   
What is the plan for the first two phases?
•    The first part will be the removal of the soil in the planters.
•    The North Terrace demo will begin first.  This is expected to take 3-4 weeks (weather permitting).
•    The South Terrace demo will then begin.  This is expected to take 3-4 weeks (weather permitting).
•    The roofing membrane will then be installed over both the North and South sides.  This is expected to take 3-4 weeks (weather permitting).
•    Phases 1 and 2 is expected to be completed in March (weather permitting).
•    Phase 3 is expected to begin in late winter/early spring.
What can residents expect?
•    There will be jackhammering occurring on the terrace for the next three months (this will be a loud project).
•    Construction will occur Monday through Friday, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. with jack hammering/demolition occurring between 9 am and 5 pm.  
•    There might be the occasional construction occurring on Saturdays.  Chicago Roof Deck has been told they are not allowed to do any jack hammering/demolition on the weekends.
•    Residents who work from home may want to find an alternative location during these periods.   
•    Residents with children who nap may want to find an alternative location for their children during the day.
•    Residents with pets may want to find pet daycare.
•    There will be dust coming from the construction.  The Association recommends residents keep their windows closed during periods of construction.
•    The Association will make every effort to communicate the construction process to the residents at the Parc Chestnut.  Make sure the Property Management Office has your current email address in order to receive the latest updates.
•    Landlords should encourage their tenants to provide the Management Office with their email address so they can receive updates as well.
How much is this going to cost?
•    The cost for all 5 phases is estimated to be around $1.2-1.4 million.
•    The project is funded from the building’s Reserve Funds.
Will this have any impact to the garage levels?
•    Certain garage spaces located on the 3rd floor will need to be vacated during the demolition.
     o    The Association has been told parking spaces located under ceiling tiles will not be impacted.
     o    Parking spaces located under a concrete ceiling will need to find other parking arrangements.  Some parking spaces will be unavailable for 3-4 week periods.
•    Owners of these spaces will receive notice of relocating their vehicles as soon as possible.
•    The Board recognizes the inconvenience of the deck project and hopes residents will understand the importance of this project within the short-term inconvenience.  


Contact Info: Rob Milne