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Where Mountains meet the sky....

Nestled on fifty-two acres in the forest-covered hills of Alto, New Mexico, these spacious condominiums are located near the Village of Ruidoso resort area. Situated on Highway 48 just across from the Alto Lakes Golf & Country Club and behind the Alto post office, look no further for your escape to the mountains! Alto Alps Condominiums has created the ideal setting for you to visit, experience a unique retreat, enjoy family reunions, rent a vacation home, or even establish permanent residence.

A colorful wonderland, it's preserved for your enjoyment...for a weekend, a month, or forever. Clean air, blue skies, and over a mile above sea level, the Alto and Ruidoso mountain resort area is surrounded by a million acres where hunting, fishing, hiking and horseback riding opportunities abound in the Lincoln National Forest. Lincoln County is a Mecca for history buffs with its rich and rowdy past. For thousands of years, the Mescalero Apache tribe has preserved the natural beauty of their adjacent lands, dwelling in harmony with their Mountain Gods.

To enhance your enjoyment, the duplex style homes are located on naturally-landscaped grounds which feature maintained walking trails inhabited by deer, raccoons, and during the summer season, an occasional black bear. Caress your senses with the artistry of Mother Nature. Feast your eyes on seemingly endless vistas washed in every color from nature's pallet: thrill to the melodious whisper of mountain breezes in tall pines and the singing of birds: be engulfed by the sweet nuance of fragrance from the clear air, the wild flowers, and the mountain showers.

Reflecting the rustic surroundings, Also Alps' architecture is simple but includes individual features for convenient and enjoyable living. Each has a custom-designed fireplace as well as private decks to permit enjoyment of the beautiful countryside. Choose from one to seven bedrooms, all of which have fully-equipped kitchens with other amenities you might expect from a premier resort community.

Come to Alto Alps Condos to see and touch...come to learn...and come to have fun!!!.

Contact Info:
(505) 336-9900